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Euan Mitchell *Managing Director & Graham Omand *Distillery Manager

Isle of Arran Distillers


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Lagg distillery, nestled on Scotland's picturesque Isle of Arran, emerged in 2019 as a notable addition to the island's whisky heritage. The Isle of Arran Distillers, already renowned for their unpeated Arran whisky, embarked on this venture in the midst of a booming whisky industry. After nearly two decades since Arran distillery's opening, Lagg began taking shape in 2017.

The initial phase witnessed the construction of three warehouses to facilitate maturation for both distilleries. Lagg's construction commenced later that year, marking a significant milestone in the whisky renaissance of the island.

Lagg distillery, distinct from its northern counterpart, is dedicated to the art of peated whisky production. It crafts a heavily peated style using barley boasting a phenol content of 50ppm. While the barley is malted on the mainland, Lagg explores the diversity of peat terroirs from various sources, potentially worldwide, to influence whisky flavor.

Beyond peat experimentation, Lagg embraces innovation by exploring yeast strains, barley varieties, and other aspects of the production process. In addition to whisky, Lagg sets itself apart by cultivating apple trees on its estate, producing cider and apple brandy instead of the more common craft gin. The distillery sources its fresh spring water from a specially drilled well, enhancing the distinct character of its spirits.

Lagg embodies the Isle of Arran's commitment to pushing the boundaries of whisky-making, offering an exciting exploration of peat and flavor on this charming Scottish island.

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