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Knockando Distillery, situated in Knockando, Moray, Scotland, has a history rooted in the late 19th century. Built by John Thompson & Co in the 1890s, it faced initial struggles before being acquired by W & A Gilbey in 1904. This London-based gin distiller expanded into whisky blending and added Knockando to its portfolio, following earlier purchases of Glen Spey and Strathmill.

In 1962, Knockando became part of IDV, later transferring its license to Justerini & Brooks, where it has remained a key component in the J&B blend. After IDV merged with United Distillers, Knockando became part of Diageo. While Knockando primarily plays a role in J&B, it also boasts a noteworthy single malt expression, often at 12 years old. Distinctive for stating both the season and years of distillation and bottling, this single malt has a strong presence in France and has seen some line extensions in recent times.

Knockando's production aligns with the lighter style favored by blenders during its era. The production process emphasizes speed in mashing, fermentation, and distillation to yield a light, nutty, and malty character.

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