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Brian Kinsman
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William Grant & Sons


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Kininvie Distillery, established in 1990 by William Grant & Sons, serves a unique role in the whisky world. Located on the grounds of the Balvenie distillery, it was created to ensure a steady supply of single malt for blending while preserving Glenfiddich's production solely for single malt releases. Over time, Kininvie became the backbone for Grant's blended malt brand, Monkey Shoulder.

Although it initially remained low-profile, Kininvie stepped into the spotlight with limited edition releases like Hazelwood. Notably, in 2013, a 23-year-old single malt emerged, followed by a 17-year-old edition for global markets the following year.

In 2019, Kininvie unveiled its innovative side through Kininvie Works, presenting three experimental whiskies, including a triple-distilled single malt, a single grain with a rye and barley mash, and a single distillery blend incorporating the latter and double-distilled malt.

Kininvie's production process involves mashing and malting within Balvenie's premises, though it doesn't use Balvenie's malted barley. With a slightly longer fermentation process, the result is a floral, soft, tongue-coating character. Aging takes place in various cask types, including first-fill Bourbon, refill, and some Sherry, ensuring Kininvie's distinctive whisky profile.

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