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Inchgower Distillery, established in 1871 by Alexander Wilson, has a rich history marked by transitions in ownership. Originally owned by the local town council after the Wilson family's bankruptcy in 1936, it was later acquired by Arthur Bell for £3,000. As part of the Bell's brand, and subsequently Guinness and Diageo, Inchgower has played a significant role in the world of whisky blends.

Situated near the coastal town of Buckie, Inchgower Distillery is renowned for its distinct coastal character, characterized by an intense spiciness and salinity on the palate. This unique flavor profile is shaped by its production process, which includes a quick mashing regime with hot second water, short fermentation, and steeply angled lyne arms on the stills, capturing weightier elements. The underlying waxiness in the spirit shares a kinship with another coastal distillery, Clynelish.

Over the years, Inchgower has experienced modernizations and ownership changes, with Diageo taking the reins in the end. In 2006, the distillery underwent significant refurbishments, including the installation of a closed yeast pitching system for enhanced control over whisky style. Despite these changes, Inchgower has continued to produce exceptional whisky, with releases like the 27-year-old bottling from 1976 earning critical acclaim. The distillery looks forward to a promising future in the twenty-first century.

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