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Ian Palmer
*Managing Director

Inchdairnie Distillery Ltd


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InchDairnie Distillery, founded by Ian Palmer with extensive experience in the Scotch whisky industry, is a pioneering venture designed to meet the growing demand for single malt whisky and offer a secure supply for third-party brands. Established under the holding company John Fergus & Co in 2011, InchDairnie began construction in 2014 and swiftly completed the project in just 18 months. Distillation commenced in December 2015, with the official launch in May 2016. While waiting for its own single malt to mature, InchDairnie provides fillings for Macduff International's blends.

InchDairnie's distinctive approach to flavor maximization includes using both winter and spring Fife barley varieties, employing four unique yeast strains that vary with the seasons. Their commitment to seasonality extends to the maturation process, where all four seasons from a particular year are blended to create a true single vintage taste. The distillery employs advanced techniques such as a hammer mill and mash filter to process winter barley efficiently, resulting in a clear wort with grassy and floral aromas. InchDairnie's double shell and tube condensers enhance energy efficiency and copper contact, offering greater control over reflux. Additionally, the distillery features a bespoke Lomond still, unique in a Scotch distillery for containing plates, hinting at its commitment to experimentation and innovation.

InchDairnie's future single malt is expected to showcase floral aromas, cut grass, fruits, and a hint of spice from Sherry and wine cask maturation.

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