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Highland Park

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Gordon Motion
*Master Whisky Maker & Marie Gulliver
*Distillery Manager

The Edrington Group


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Highland Park distillery, situated on the Orkney Islands, has a rich and somewhat mysterious history. Its origins are shrouded in myth and legend, with conflicting stories about its founding by figures like Magnus Eunson or David Robertson. While historical accounts may vary, the distillery's presence can be traced back to at least the late 18th century, with official records dating its establishment to 1798. Ownership of Highland Park passed through several hands, with notable periods under William Stuart and James Grant in the late 19th century. Highland Distillers took control in 1937, and today, the distillery is part of the Edrington Group.

Highland Park's journey as a single malt whisky producer began in the late 1970s when it introduced an eight-year-old expression. Highland Park has garnered a dedicated following, often bordering on cult status, thanks to its diverse range of offerings, including special series inspired by Orcadian history and Norse mythology.

One key aspect of Highland Park's character is its distinctive use of peat. The peat used in the distillery's kiln is sourced from the local Orkney environment, composed primarily of sphagnum moss and heather. This unique peat imparts a lightly smoky yet intensely fragrant quality to the whisky, setting it apart from its mainland and Islay counterparts. Another hallmark of Highland Park is its maturation process, which has exclusively involved Sherry casks since 2004. These casks, made from both European and American oak, contribute a layer of richness to the whisky's character, enhancing its lightly smoky, fragrant, and fruity profile.

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Distillery Bottling

  • 2006/12 Year |Single Cask Series| 1st Fill European Oak Sherry Hogshead #5046 (Binny’s Pick) - 63.5% Harold H.

  • 2006/12 Year |Single Cask Series| 1st Fill European Oak Sherry Hogshead #5965 (SPEC'S Pick) - 63.4% Harold H.

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