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Bob Dalgarno
*Master Blender &
Ian Renwick
*Distillery Manager

Lalique Group


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Glenturret distillery, with a claim to being Scotland's oldest, has a rich and complex history. Its origins trace back to an illicit still known as The Hosh in the 1770s, and it officially started licensed distillation in 1818 under John Drummond. In 1875, it adopted the name Glenturret from a nearby failed distillery. The distillery faced challenges during the 1920s and was dismantled in 1928. However, in 1960, James Fairlie resurrected Glenturret by purchasing stills and equipment from Tullibardine. It was also one of the pioneers in whisky tourism, opening a visitor center, the second of its kind at the time.

Ownership changes followed, with Rémy Cointreau (1981-1993) and later Highland Distillers (now Edrington) taking control. The visitor center was transformed into The Famous Grouse Experience in 2002.
In 2018, Edrington announced the sale of Glenturret, and it was acquired by Glenturret Holding, a joint venture between Lalique Group and Swiss entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss. This change marked the end of The Famous Grouse Experience as it existed.

While single malt bottlings from Glenturret have been limited, new owners have launched a range of single malts in collaboration with former Macallan colleagues Bob Dalgarno and Ken Grier. Glenturret's production methods reflect a traditional approach, with a small mash tun, wooden washbacks, and rustic-looking stills. Despite this, its spirit is known for being light, acidic, and intense, with some production dedicated to a peated malt called Ruadh Mhor, used in The Famous Grouse Smoky Black under previous ownership.

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