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Established in 1898 by James Buchanan & Co., Glentauchers distillery was originally created to supply whisky for Buchanan’s and Black & White blends. In its early years, it played a role in experimenting with "continuous pot still distillation," a process involving running a 100% barley mash through an adapted pot still. Production capacity expanded significantly in 1966 when Glentauchers increased the number of stills from the original pair to six. However, it faced challenges during the early 1980s due to a slump in demand, leading to mothballing in 1985. Surprisingly, it was acquired by Allied Distillers, a competitor of Diageo, in 1989, becoming a component of Ballantine's. Production didn't resume until 1992.

Glentauchers is relatively rare as a single malt, with Gordon & MacPhail being one of the few bottlers to consistently offer it. Its whisky has typically been used in lighter-flavored blends, such as Buchanan’s and Black & White, and more recently, Ballantine’s. The distillery's production process involves long fermentations and slow distillation, resulting in a whisky profile favoring floral notes over earthy qualities.

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