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Nestled in the Lowland region of Scotland, the Glenkinchie distillery boasts a unique character that defies conventional expectations of Lowland whiskies. Glenkinchie's history dates back to 1825 when the Rate brothers opened the nearby Milton distillery, later renamed Glenkinchie in 1837. Financial setbacks led to the distillery's conversion into a sawmill in 1853. It wasn't until 1881 that whisky production resumed under Edinburgh investors, with a major expansion in 1890. In 1914, Glenkinchie joined forces with other Lowland distillers to form Scottish Malt Distillers, eventually merging with DCL in 1925, which later became Diageo. Glenkinchie's journey as a single malt brand began in 1998 when it was selected as the Lowland representative in Diageo's Classic Malt Selection.

While often associated with delicacy, Glenkinchie's new make spirit challenges this notion with its robust and fruit-forward profile. Notable for its extensive copper contact and reflux-inducing stills (including Scotland's largest wash still), Glenkinchie's production process is meticulously designed to balance the spirit's inherent strength. Unusual for a Lowland distillery, Glenkinchie employs worm tubs filled with cold water to further refine the spirit.

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