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Situated in the bustling whisky hub of Dufftown, the Glendullan distillery traces its origins back to 1897 when it was established by William Williams, a notable Aberdeen blender and broker. Williams, who held an exclusivity deal with nearby Glenfiddich, later merged with Greenlees Brothers and became part of DCL (Distillers Company Limited) in 1925. In 1972, an adjacent distillery, known as "Glendullan 2," was constructed, operating in conjunction with the original site. However, in 1985, the original facility was closed, and Glendullan 2 now supplies liquid for blending and the Singleton of Glendullan brand, initially introduced exclusively for the North American market in 2007.

Located by the river Fiddich, Glendullan employs an extended fermentation period, utilizing a mix of stainless steel and wooden vessels, along with slow distillation, contributing to its subtly fruity and grassy profile. The distillery sources its water from Conval Hill springs and operates with three wash stills and three spirit stills.

While the majority of Glendullan's output contributes to Diageo's blended whisky portfolio, there have been official single malt releases, including a discontinued 12-year-old as part of the Flora and Fauna range. The 2023 Singleton series from Diageo features 12, 15, and 18-year-old expressions of Glendullan, further increasing its visibility as a single malt.

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