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Glenburgie traces its roots back to 1829 when it was founded near Forres by William Paul. Over the years, it underwent multiple ownership changes, eventually becoming associated with the renowned Ballantine's blend. In 1936, Hiram Walker acquired Glenburgie, solidifying its connection to Ballantine's whisky. Notably, from 1958 to 1981, Glenburgie housed a pair of 'Lomond' stills, producing a distinct malt known as Glencraig.

In 2004, the original distillery was replaced with a modern facility, equipped with a third pair of stills. Glenburgie has been under the ownership of Chivas Brothers since 2005.

While Glenburgie single malt sightings have been rare, it has been featured in limited edition releases, such as Chivas Brothers' Cask Strength series. The distillery has also appeared occasionally in independent bottlings, often associated with Gordon & MacPhail. However, in a notable development, Glenburgie was released as a 15-year-old single malt in 2017 under the Ballantine's brand.

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