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Glen Spey

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Glen Spey distillery, nestled in Rothes, Moray, at the heart of Scotland's Speyside whisky region, has a rich and somewhat unusual history. Established in 1878 as the "Mill of Rothes," it originally functioned as an oatmeal mill under the ownership of local grain merchant James Stuart, who was also the licensee of Macallan at the time. In 1887, it underwent a transformation and was rebranded as Glen Spey when Stuart sold the distillery to London-based gin producer W&A Gilbey. This marked Gilbey's initial venture into Scotch whisky and the start of a long-standing connection between Glen Spey and the Spey Royal blend.

Glen Spey's journey continued as Gilbey merged with Justerini & Brooks, forming IDV, and later became part of Diageo in 1997. Throughout its history, Glen Spey has remained relatively obscure, with rare sightings as a single malt expression beyond Diageo's 'Flora & Fauna' range. Additionally, Glen Spey is known for a haunting tale, with a ghost said to roam its premises, dating back to a tragic accident during World War II.

What sets Glen Spey apart is its distinctive character, notably different from its neighboring distilleries like Knockando and Strathmill. It employs a purifier pipe in its production process, contributing a light oiliness to the spirit, enhancing its texture and complementing its nutty notes.

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