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Glen Ord

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Glen Ord, located in the Black Isle, has a rich history in whisky production dating back to 1838. It was originally built by local laird Thomas MacKenzie and passed through various owners until 1896 when Jas. Watson took over, stabilizing operations. Dewar's acquired the distillery in 1923, later becoming part of DCL (Diageo).

Glen Ord is one of the rare distilleries that produce their malt, initially using floor maltings, then Saladin boxes in 1961, and eventually transitioning to drum maltings in 1968. Today, it supplies malt for Diageo's northern distilleries, Talisker, and occasionally produces heavily peated malt for Islay. It has been available as a single malt since the 1980s under various names, now promoted as the Singleton of Glen Ord, particularly in the Asian market.

The distillery's new make spirit is known for its aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass, achieved through clear wort, extended fermentation, a high cut point, and copper-rich distillation. Maturation adds sweet toffee undertones, gingery spice, and subtle peat smoke flavors to the whisky.

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