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Glen Grant

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Dennis Malcolm
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Glen Grant has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1839 by John and James Grant. The distillery's founders were not only pioneers in whisky production but also played a vital role in developing transportation links in the region, including a railway line. John Grant's son, known as 'The Major,' took over the distillery in 1872 and introduced innovations like electric lighting powered by distillery turbines. He also designed the distillery with unique features, including purifier pipes, distinct still shapes, and a focus on exporting its whisky.

In 1898, The Major built a second distillery named Glen Grant No. 2, which later became Caperdonich. Although it closed in 1902, Caperdonich's maltings continued to supply its sister distillery. Glen Grant was one of the first whisky brands, with a global presence in the late 19th century. In 1952, Glen Grant merged with Smith Grants of The Glenlivet, and in 1970, it joined forces with Longmorn/Benriach. Seagram acquired the company in 1978, ending the family's involvement. When Pernod Ricard took over Seagram's whisky division in 2001, Glen Grant was acquired by Gruppo Campari in 2006.

Glen Grant is known for its unique distillation process, featuring almost square-shaped stills and purifying chambers in the lyne arm. These elements contribute to the whisky's light and delicate character. While coal-fired heating was used in the past, the distillery now employs steam and indirect firing. Most of Glen Grant's whisky is aged in ex-Bourbon and refill casks, emphasizing its delicacy, while ex-Sherry casks remain a signature of bottlings from Gordon & MacPhail. Dennis Malcolm, who joined the distillery in 1961, continues to serve as the master distiller, ensuring Glen Grant's legacy of quality and tradition.

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