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Glen Elgin

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Paul Stephenson
*Distillery Operations Manager



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Glen Elgin, established in 1898, is renowned for being the last distillery constructed during the 19th-century Scotch Whisky production boom. Charles Doig, the architect behind Glen Elgin, predicted it would be the final Speyside distillery built for half a century, a remarkably accurate forecast with the next, Tormore, emerging in 1958. Glen Elgin struggled to find consistent production and ownership in its early days. In 1936, a turning point occurred when Scottish Malt Distillers, a subsidiary of DCL, acquired Glen Elgin. It was then used in White Horse blend after passing to White Horse Distillers. The latter half of the 20th century brought significant changes, with a complete renovation in 1964, tripling the capacity with six stills while maintaining a small, traditional distillery atmosphere. Glen Elgin remains committed to a hands-on approach to distillation despite being under Diageo ownership today, proudly displaying the White Horse emblem on its label in honor of its heritage.

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