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Alex Foulis
*Head Distiller

The Glasgow Distillery Co.


Barrel Head


Barrel Head

head whisky maker(s)

Barrel Head


Barrel Head

Year Founded

Barrel Head


The Glasgow Distillery Company, founded in 2014, pays homage to Glasgow's rich distillation heritage dating back to 1770. Named after one of Glasgow's original distilleries, The Glasgow Distillery Company revives the city's tradition of crafting single malt Scotch whisky, marking the return of Glasgow Malt Whisky after a 110-year hiatus. In their pursuit, they have invested in top-tier distilling equipment, handpicked the finest ingredients, acquired exceptional casks, and assembled a team of innovative distillers. Their commitment to traditional methods has yielded an impressive portfolio of award-winning premium spirits. With the first casks of their new spirit already maturing, their copper stills, affectionately named "Annie," "Mhairi," and "Tara" after family members of the founders, are busy crafting the magic of whisky-making.

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