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Andrew Nairn
*Distillery Manager

Falkirk Distilling Co.


Barrel Head


Barrel Head

head whisky maker(s)

Barrel Head


Barrel Head

Year Founded

Barrel Head


Falkirk Distillery, a new and ambitious venture, was founded by George Stewart, who has a rich history in business. This family-run distillery in Falkirk, Scotland, is set to create a remarkable presence in the world of whisky. After overcoming numerous challenges, including planning issues and a pandemic, the distillery became fully operational in 2021. The distillery combines historic elements like reconditioned stills and a copper mash tun with modern technology to create a special whisky destination.

Situated near the Antonine Wall, the distillery draws inspiration from its surroundings and seeks to produce a light lowland malt that appeals to a wide range of whisky enthusiasts. Unlike many new distilleries, Falkirk Distillery has chosen not to produce gin, focusing exclusively on whisky. With its prime location between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the distillery aims to welcome visitors and share its passion for whisky through tours, tastings, and a future visitor center. The Stewart family's dedication and perseverance have made Falkirk Distillery a promising addition to Scotland's whisky landscape.

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