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Eden Mill

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Kevin Fraser
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Inverleith LLP


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Eden Mill Distillery, located in Guardbridge, Fife, has a rich history that dates back to the Haig family, renowned for their distillery endeavors in the 19th century. Originally established as Seggie Distillery in 1810, it was later transformed into a paper mill in 1860, serving as a key business in Fife for several decades. In 1967, Curtis Fine Papers acquired the mill, continuing its paper production until 2008 when the company went into administration, leaving the site abandoned for two years. Subsequently, St Andrews University acquired the property with the intention of creating a biomass facility to power new businesses on-site.

In 2012, entrepreneur Paul Miller reopened the location as Eden Brewery, expanding into distillation by introducing hopped gin and single malt whisky in 2014. The establishment was rebranded as Eden Mill, becoming Scotland's first combined brewery and distillery. Eden Mill places a strong emphasis on its brewing heritage when crafting its single malt Scotch whisky, utilizing beer-related malts in its mash, including pale malt, chocolate malt, and crystal malt. They are committed to small-scale whisky production, filling just eight barrels per week.

In March 2022, Eden Mill received approval to build a new carbon-neutral distillery and visitor center at the University of St Andrews. This expansion project aims to further their commitment to sustainability by using renewable energy sources, sustainable building materials, and carbon capture during fermentation. The new facility, located on the Eden Campus, will house their gin and whisky production, feature a visitor experience, retail store, café with views of the Eden Estuary, and align with their goal of becoming carbon neutral.

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