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Julieann Fernandez *Master Blender & Andrew Waite *Master Distiller

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Deanston, located on the banks of the River Teith, has a unique origin as it began as a mill in 1785 during the Industrial Revolution. Founded by Richard Arkwright, it was a pioneering site for developing the Spinning Jenny and boasted Europe's largest water wheel. The mill continued weaving operations until 1964 when it was acquired by Brodie Hepburn. In 1969, Deanston transitioned from a mill to a distillery, with its original owners running it for only three years before it was purchased by Invergordon. However, due to the whisky industry's downturn in the 1980s, the distillery ceased production. Eight years later, Burn Stewart acquired Deanston for £2.1 million and revived its whisky production.

Although Deanston began producing single malt whisky in 1974, it has only recently gained recognition as a prominent single malt brand. The distillery has preserved certain old-style elements in its equipment and production methods. For instance, its open-topped mash tun, low gravity worts, long fermentation, and slow distillation contribute to a waxy new make style, reflecting a return to the distillery's original character. During the Invergordon era, Deanston had adopted a more modern production style, resulting in a light, dry, and "nutty-spicy" new make.

Deanston stands out as one of the most environmentally conscious distilleries in Scotland. It generates all of its power from a turbine house that processes an impressive 20 million liters of water per hour, with surplus electricity sold to the National Grid. Deanston also embraces sustainability by using organic barley in its production and adheres to Burn Stewart's practice of bottling without chill-filtering or caramel tinting, ensuring a more natural and unadulterated whisky experience.

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