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Daftmill, nestled in the picturesque Howe of Fife, is a unique family farm distillery with a strong commitment to local and ecological production. Beyond whisky making, the farm thrives on growing malting barley, rearing cattle, and cultivating crops like potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. The journey to establish Daftmill Distillery began in 2003 when plans were set in motion to convert the old mill buildings into a distillery. The restoration work, completed by local craftsmen from the Cupar area, spanned 2004 and 2005. By November 2005, Daftmill obtained its distillation license and was ready to commence production.

What sets Daftmill apart is its harmonious coexistence with the farm. The barley grown on the farm is used in whisky production, while the spent grains provide nutritious feed for the cattle. Pot ale and spent lees, by-products of distillation, are recycled as fertilizer for the fields. Even the warm water used for cooling the stills serves a purpose by preventing the duck pond from freezing during winter.

Operating as a true farm distillery, Daftmill adheres to a seasonal production schedule in sync with the farming calendar. Distillation occurs during the quieter winter months and a brief spell in summer, aligning with the agricultural demands of sowing and harvesting. This farming-oriented approach to whisky production, once common but now rare in Scotland, yields approximately 20,000 liters annually and around 100 barrels per year.

To achieve their signature light and fruity Lowland-style whisky, Daftmill employs clear original wort, an extended fermentation period of up to 104 hours, and traditional copper stills crafted by Forsyths in Rothes. Careful distillation, with a focus on a narrow "cut" in the spirit run, preserves the whisky's desired character. The distillery predominantly matures its whisky in ex-Bourbon casks, with some aging in sherry butts and rum barrels, creating a distinctive and environmentally conscious spirit.

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Distillery Bottling

  • 2006/15 Year |Cask Strength| First Fill Ex Bourbon Barrels - 55.7% Harold H.

  • 2007/12 Year |Winter Batch Release| 1st Fill Bourbon *US Exclusive* - 46% Harold H.

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