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Stephanie Macleod
*Master Blender

John Dewar & Sons (Bacardi)


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Established in 1890 Craigellachie was designed by the renowned Charles Doig. The distillery was ahead of its time, aiming to craft a lighter and fruitier whisky profile compared to its older counterparts. In fact, early descriptors of Craigellachie even mentioned the desirable aroma of pineapple. Originally owned by Sir Peter Mackie (of White Horse fame) and Alexander Edward, who was already involved with Benrinnes, this distillery underwent changes in ownership over the years. Eventually, it became a key component of Mackie's successful Old Smuggler and Old Gaelic brands, which found acclaim in Australia and South Africa. The journey of Craigellachie took another turn when it became part of DCL (Distillers Company Limited). However, a merger with IDV in 1998 led to the sale of some of its assets, including Craigellachie, to Bacardi, which remains the owner today.

Craigellachie's distinctive character is marked by its embrace of sulphurous notes, which can arise naturally during the whisky-making process. While sulphur has garnered mixed opinions in recent years, it serves as a marker indicating that the spirit will mature into either a meaty or fragrant profile over time. In Craigellachie's case, sulphur contributes to its unique identity, with initial impressions of cabbage and beef stock filling the air as you enter the distillery. The worm tubs, containing copper, play a role in enhancing this character while adding weight to the mature spirit.

Thanks to a lengthy fermentation process, Craigellachie's spirit carries the essence of fruitiness, eventually evolving into a delightful tropical and floral bouquet. This distinct character has made Craigellachie a prized malt for blending, prominently featured in the White Horse blend since the late 19th century. It wasn't until 2014 that Craigellachie earned its well-deserved status as a front-line single malt, cementing its place in the world of whisky connoisseurs.

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