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Chivas Brothers Ltd. (Pernod Ricard)

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Caperdonich was initially constructed in 1898 as an extension of the popular Glen Grant distillery, reflecting the demand for the whisky, which could lay claim to being one of the world's first global single malt brands. However, the timing proved challenging as the whisky industry faced a downturn at the turn of the 20th century. The distillery closed shortly after its establishment in 1902, with its kiln, malting floors, and warehouses continuing limited operations. It remained inactive for many years, serving as a reminder of the industry's cyclical nature.

Originally known as Glen Grant No.2 and located opposite Glen Grant distillery in Speyside, Caperdonich is a hidden gem in the world of whisky. Despite being established to produce a similar character of spirit as its sister distillery, Glen Grant, Caperdonich always offered a distinct variation on that theme. While both distilleries aimed for light and floral profiles, Caperdonich's whisky showcased fewer crisp green apple notes, instead favoring soft pears, creaminess, and fresh mint. Even when Glen Grant-style stills were reintroduced in 1985, the two distillery characters didn't quite align, highlighting subtle but real differences in their whiskies.

Caperdonich saw a resurgence in 1965 when Glen Grant's growing trade with Italy led to increased demand for whisky. An expansion in 1967 saw the distillery's stills grow from two to four, and in 1977, it officially adopted the name Caperdonich. Production continued until 2002, a year after Pernod Ricard acquired the distillery. The site was subsequently sold to Forsyth's, a coppersmith company located nearby. In 2011, the distillery was demolished to make way for Forsyth's expansion. One pair of Caperdonich's stills found a new home at the Belgian Owl distillery, and the other at the new Falkirk distillery.

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