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Caitlin Heard
*Distillery Team Leader

The Three Stills Co. Ltd


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The Borders distillery, established in 2018, is a historic addition to the Scotch Whisky landscape, marking the first distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837. Situated in a prominent building in the heart of Hawick, which previously housed the Hawick Electric Company and various engineering businesses, the distillery features a blend of architectural elements, including two large sheds dating back to the 1880s, complemented by a modern glass extension connected to a Tudor Cotswold structure.

Dedicated to producing a classic Lowlands-style malt whisky known for its light, fragrant, and floral character, Borders follows a meticulous production process. The distillery employs a lengthy fermentation period using a cloudy wort, resulting in a malty fruitiness in the spirit. Distillation takes place in large lampglass stills with ample copper contact to enhance fruity and floral qualities. While maturation predominantly occurs in ex-Bourbon barrels, a combination of Portuguese red wine and rum casks is also utilized to add complexity to the whisky.

Borders is committed to using locally-sourced barley, harvested from a dozen farms located within a 35-mile radius of the distillery. The distillery draws its water from an underground lake beneath the site, a pristine source that has been naturally filtered over 50 to 70 years as it travels from the nearby hills through the rock. With this abundant pure water supply, the Borders distillery is well-prepared to continue crafting exceptional whisky for generations to come.

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