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Jamie Lockhart
*Distillery Manager

John Crabbie & Co.


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The Bonnington distillery, commissioned in 2019 and located in Leith, Edinburgh, represents a significant investment in the world of Scotch whisky production. This state-of-the-art distillery (under the banner of John Crabbie & Co.), managed by a dynamic team led by Dr. Kirstie McCallum and Distillery Manager Jamie Lockhart, is the first single malt distillery in Leith in nearly a century. The Crabbie legacy stretches back to the early 19th century, tracing its roots to John Crabbie's father, Miller, who established the blending business in 1801. John Crabbie's expansion and innovation made Leith the hub of its operations, leaving an indelible mark on the city's whisky culture.

What sets the Bonnington distillery apart is its locally sourced water, drawn from an ancient aquifer situated 147 meters below the distillery. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the distillery features unique twin-linked receivers, allowing the creation of two distinct spirit types from a single distillation. It boasts impressive facilities, including two massive 30-tonne grain silos, a 2.5-tonne mash tun, and six 10,000-litre fermentation vessels where wort is fermented for at least 48 hours. The distillery also houses two bespoke squat-neck stills crafted by Speyside Copper Works.

Production began in March 2020, with an estimated capacity of 2,200 casks per year. Bonnington produces both unpeated malt with a heavy and waxy character, typical of the Lowland style, and peated malt at around 50 ppm for a period each season, resulting in peated new make spirit. This spirit is filled into various cask types, including Bourbon, Sherry, and Red wine varietals, and is warehoused on-site.

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