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Nicholas Savage
*Master Distiller

Bladnoch Distillery Ltd


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Bladnoch distillery, nestled in the far southwest of Scotland near Wigtown, boasts a rich and varied history in the world of Scotch whisky. Its journey began in 1817 when John and Thomas McClelland obtained a license to craft whisky on their farm in Bladnoch. The distillery remained in family hands until 1905, weathering periods of oversupply and low sales. In a twist of fate, Bladnoch found its saviors twice in Northern Ireland. The first was Belfast distiller Dunville & Co., which acquired the distillery in 1911 and intermittently produced whisky until 1937. Unfortunately, uncertainty in the Irish whiskey market led to the distillery's closure.

Bladnoch faced further challenges when its next owner, Ross & Coulter, sold off mature stock and sent the distilling equipment to Sweden. In 1994, two Northern Irish brothers bought Bladnoch with the intent of creating a holiday village. They later decided to restart whisky production, a move that took six years to gain approval from Diageo, who had taken over ownership. Production remained intermittent, with the distillery generating income from tourism, events, and warehousing for other producers.

In 2014, the brothers placed Bladnoch into administration. However, in July 2015, Australian businessman David Prior, along with ex-Scotch Whisky Association CEO Gavin Hewitt, acquired the distillery with plans to restore it to its former glory. Bladnoch officially reopened in 2017, producing a light, grassy, and malty Lowland-style single malt. Ahead of its reopening, limited quantities of three single malts created from existing stocks (Samsara, Adela, and Talia) were released globally. Under David Prior's ownership, Bladnoch continues its legacy, crafting Scotch whisky with a unique history and character.

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