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Stephanie Macleod
*Master Blender

John Dewar & Sons (Bacardi)


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Aultmore distillery, nestled along the scenic Buckie road from the fishing port of Buckie to Keith, has long been cherished as a hidden gem. Aultmore's name is derived from "An t-Allt Mòr," Gaelic for "big burn," a reference to its water source, the Auchinderran burn. Established in 1896 by Alexander Edward, a notable figure in the whisky world, it was primarily dedicated to the production of blending malt for most of its existence. In 1923, Aultmore became part of the John Dewar & Sons portfolio, a relationship that continues to this day. Its reputation as a prized blending malt is so esteemed that it played a pivotal role in the sale of Dewar's to Bacardi, highlighting its significance.

Aultmore underwent extensive renovations in 1970, expanding its capacity and enhancing its capabilities.
In 2004, Aultmore introduced its first official bottling, a 12-year-old expression, followed by earlier releases under the Flora and Fauna and Rare Malts series. Today, Aultmore's single malts are gaining recognition among whisky enthusiasts, offering a taste of the distinct character that has made it a prized component in the world of whisky blending.

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