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Calum Fraser
*Master Blender & Strategic Inventory Manager

Beam Suntory


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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head

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Barrel Head


Auchentoshan distillery, situated on the banks of the Clyde River, has a storied history dating back to 1817 when it was established as the Duntocher distillery. Despite facing early challenges and bankruptcy, it played a significant role in the whisky industry. In 1834, under new ownership, it was renamed Auchintoshan. Ownership changed hands multiple times until it was acquired by Stanley P Morrison in 1984 and is now part of Beam Suntory.

Auchentoshan distinguishes itself by practicing triple distillation, a rarity in Scottish whisky production. This unique process, coupled with the use of unpeated malt, results in a delicate and sweet flavor profile, setting Auchentoshan apart from many other Scotch whiskies.

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