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Andrew Rankin
*Chairman/Master Blender

Greenwood Distillers


Barrel Head


Barrel Head

head whisky maker(s)

Barrel Head


Barrel Head

Year Founded

Barrel Head


Nestled on the tranquil outskirts of a Highland landscape, Ardross Distillery embodies the timeless beauty of its surroundings, where nature and whisky-making converge. Founded by master whisky blender and chairman Andrew Rankin, Ardross came to life after Rankin's vision transformed a once-derelict farmhouse into a distillery. This Highland gem offers a unique twist to the Scotch whisky scene, boasting a "creation suite" for bespoke whisky production alongside classic single malt distillation. With a commitment to long fermentation and a diverse range of cask types, Ardross looks set to carve its own path in the world of whisky, offering enthusiasts the chance to craft their own custom casks. This distillery's journey is one of patience, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the traditions of Scotch whisky-making.

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