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Gordon Mackenzie
*Distillery Production Manager

Adelphi Distillery Ltd


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The Ardnamurchan Distillery, founded in 2014, is a modern addition to Scotland's whisky landscape, but it carries a deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. The distillery harnesses the power of nature, using a hydro-electric generator in the river for all its energy needs and a biomass boiler fueled by local wood chips for hot water.

This distillery's story traces back to the independent bottler Adelphi. The Adelphi name has a rich history in whisky, with the original distillery dating back to 1826 in Glasgow. Although it was later acquired by DCL, Adelphi's legacy was revived when Jamie Walker, Archibald Walker's great-grandson, founded the independent bottling company Adelphi in 1993. Current owners took over in 2004.

Under the stewardship of Alex Bruce and his team, Ardnamurchan has quickly gained recognition for its focus on sustainability, local sourcing of ingredients, and a commitment to producing authentic, small-batch Scotch whisky. Despite its youth, the distillery's expressions, such as Ardnamurchan AD/01 and AD/02, have already captured the hearts of whisky enthusiasts, showcasing the promising future of this emerging gem in the Scotch whisky world.

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