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Mark Trainor
*Head of Production

Annandale Distillery Co.


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Barrel Head

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Annandale Distillery, located in the picturesque valley after which it is named, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1830 by George Donald. This distillery, known for its single malt whisky, utilized the pristine waters of the Middleby Burn for whisky production and the Guillielands Burn for cooling and power. For nearly a century, Annandale Distillery produced exceptional spirits, with Donald overseeing operations until 1883 when it changed hands to John S. Gardner & Son. Under Gardner's stewardship, the distillery experienced modest expansion, reaching an annual production of 28,000 gallons of spirit.

In 1919, John Walker & Sons acquired Annandale, but by 1921, the distillery's focus shifted towards its renowned blended whisky, Johnnie Walker, leading to Annandale's closure and the removal of its equipment for other uses. Subsequently, the Robinson family, known for their Provost porridge oats, took ownership. They repurposed the site, using it for cereal production and cattle housing, allowing the distillery's structures to fall into disrepair.

In 2007, the Annandale Distillery Company, led by David Thomson and Teresa Church, acquired the site, investing around £10.5 million over seven years to meticulously restore it to its former glory. Production of two distinct whisky styles commenced in November 2014: Man O' Words, named after the poet Robert Burns, and Man O'Sword, honoring Scottish warrior Robert the Bruce.

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