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Ailsa Bay

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Brian Kinsman
*Master Blender

William Grant & Sons


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In 2007, William Grant & Sons, known for their renowned blends and flagship malts such as Glenfiddich and Balvenie, made a significant move by establishing the Ailsa Bay distillery. Situated on the same Girvan site where the Ladyburn distillery once operated, Ailsa Bay marked a departure from the historical pattern of malt distilleries within grain plants. While Ladyburn and others had been constructed during times of increased production demand and subsequently closed during downturns, Ailsa Bay's inception aimed to address growing demand for William Grant & Sons' blends and single malts.

This state-of-the-art distillery boasted eight stills and a capacity of 5 million liters per annum. After eight years of dedicated production, Ailsa Bay introduced its first official single malt bottling in February 2016. This inaugural release featured a no-age-statement heavily peated whisky, showcasing the distillery's commitment to innovation in various aspects of production, including spirit cut points, vatting, maturation, and even 'sweetness measurement.' Ailsa Bay's entry into the world of single malts marked an exciting development in the Scotch whisky landscape.

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