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Stephanie Macleod
*Master Blender

John Dewar & Sons (Bacardi)


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Aberfeldy Distillery, nestled near the birthplace of its founder John Dewar, stands as a testament to the Dewar family's enduring legacy in the whisky world. Founded in 1896 by John Dewar Jr. and Thomas Dewar, affectionately known as Tommy, the family had already gained recognition for their whisky blending endeavors, then ventured into whisky production by establishing the Aberfeldy Distillery.Originally a brewery, the site's history included early distillation efforts. Fed by the Pitilie Burn, where gold panning persists to this day, Aberfeldy became the cherished malt at the core of Dewar's blends. A private railway line further connected the distillery to Dewar's operational hub in Perth.

In 1973, Aberfeldy Distillery doubled in capacity, cementing its status as a key component in Dewar's blends. Ownership shifted in 1998 due to a UK Monopolies Board decision that compelled Diageo to divest one of its brands and associated production capabilities. Bacardi-Martini acquired the Dewar's estate, encompassing the blends and distilleries like Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, and Royal Brackla, for £1.1 billion. Under new ownership, Aberfeldy received substantial investments, particularly in Dewar's World of Whisky, an educational facility that illuminates the Dewar legacy and the art of blending.

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Distillery Bottling

  • 1999/19 Year |Exceptional Cask Series| Sherry Butt #20659 (US Exclusive) - 56.6% Harold H.

  • 1999/19 Year |Hand Fill| Sherry Cask #20658 (Distillery Exclusive) - 60.6% Harold H.

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