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Wu Dram Clan

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Takesado Oji, Boris Borissov & Sebastian Jaeger *Co-Founders


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The Wu Dram Clan, a trio of whisky enthusiasts with a strong bond of friendship, emerged from a shared love of whisky and a desire to bottle exceptional spirits. Their name, inspired by a 90s music group, combines "Wu" with "dram," a Gaelic word for a glass of whisky. They focus on selecting and bottling whiskies, rums, armagnacs, and cognacs that they personally enjoy.

The goal of Wu Dram Clan is to guide and introduce enthusiasts to the world of exceptional spirits and the pleasure of tasting extraordinary drinks. They emphasize the importance of taking a tasting journey, and their target audience includes both epicureans and those curious about exploring unique and high-quality spirits. Wu Dram Clan also values the cultural exchange that comes with visiting distilleries and building friendships with producers. While they appreciate independent bloggers, they believe in open-mindedness and the importance of accepting diverse tastes in the spirits world. Despite a saturated market, they believe that each bottler plays a valuable role, and those who manage their business well will succeed.

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