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Peter Holroyd
*Distillery Manager

Wemyss Vintage Malts


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Kingsbarns Distillery, nestled near the renowned golf courses of St Andrews and Kingsbarns on the Fife coast, emerged from the vision of former golf caddie Douglas Clement. After recognizing the absence of a nearby whisky distillery for the golf course's visitors, Clement embarked on a journey to build his own distillery. With an initial £100,000 in seed capital from 32 investors, many of whom were golf acquaintances, he transformed a derelict 18th-century farm steading on the Cambo Estate into a distillery. Despite two years of fundraising efforts through crowdfunding and government grants, he still fell short of the £1.6 million needed.

In 2013, the Wemyss family, owners of Wemyss Malts and with a historical connection to the Cambo Estate, acquired the business from Clement. With ample funding in place, the distillery was built within 18 months, aiming to fill 24 casks per week. The distillery combines old and new architecture within the Georgian East Newhall Farm, preserving the historic structures while constructing a modern Malt Whisky distillery. Opened on St. Andrew's Day in 2014, Kingsbarns Distillery marks a charming addition to the Fife region.

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