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Alistair McDonald
*Distillery Manager

Morrison Glasgow Distillers


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Barrel Head

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The Clydeside Distillery, located in Glasgow, Scotland, is a testament to both the city's rich industrial heritage and the Morrison family's long-standing connection to the whisky industry. Owned primarily by Tim Morrison of Morrison Glasgow Distillers, the great-grandson of John Morrison, who played a role in constructing the Queens Dock and Pump House where the distillery now stands. The Morrison family's history in whisky includes ownership of iconic distilleries like Bowmore, Auchentoshan, and Glen Garioch, once known as the Morrison Bowmore portfolio. The distillery, situated within the historic Queens Dock Pumphouse, opened its doors in November 2017 after undergoing a £10.5 million refurbishment of the 19th-century building.

The distillery's location in the historic Pumphouse holds a special significance, as it once oversaw the export of whisky from the docks along the River Clyde. The Morrison family's connection to the River Clyde and its docks comes full circle with the establishment of the Clydeside Distillery. The Clydeside craftsmen uphold the family's distillation traditions, crafting whisky by hand. In 2021, the distillery launched its very first Single Malt Whisky, marking a significant milestone in its revival of single malt whisky production in Glasgow.

The Clydeside Distillery's story reflects Glasgow's whisky legacy, from Stanley P. Morrison's successful whisky brokerage to Tim Morrison's vision of bringing single malt whisky production back to the city, while also restoring the dock his great-grandfather helped build.

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